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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Book Signing...


Sunday, May 1st, 4pm @ Book Revue in Huntington.
Local author CARL SAFINA will speak about and sign his new book,
The View From Lazy Point.

In The View from Lazy Point, Carl Safina shows us that nature and human dignity require each other. It follows the arc of the seasons from Carl Safina’s home waters of eastern Long Island to far horizons of the globe, from the Arctic to Antarctica and across the tropics. Safina shows how philosophy, religion, and economics-all developed before we knew the world was round-are so out of sync with scientific realities that they’re essentially irrational and why our institutions fail to see these danger.

Carl Safina is a prominent ecologist and marine conservationist and president of Blue Ocean Institute, an environmental organization based in Cold Spring Harbor, New York. He is a winner of the prestigious Pew Fellowship, MacArthur Fellowship and Guggenheim Fellowships. Safina has also written five books including, Song for the Blue Ocean, Eye of the Albatross, Voyage of the Turtle, Nina Delmar, The View from Lazy Point, and A Sea in Flames. Safina’s new TV series, Saving the Ocean, premieres on PBS starting April 2011.

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