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Monday, July 16, 2012

New Large Print Title!

The Thrid Gate by Lincoln Child

Jeremy Logan, a character who appeared in a minor role in two earlier Child novels, takes center stage here. Logan is a history professor whose speciality is enigmalogy, the study of puzzling, bizarre, or paranormal events—hauntings, the Loch Ness Monster, etc. (the term appears to be a made-up coinage, a spin-off, perhaps, of the real discipline of enigmatology). Here Logan is recruited by famed treasure hunter Porter Stone to investigate some curious events that have occurred following the unearthing of the tomb of an Egyptian pharaoh. Is this an ancient curse or the work of modern-day villains? Child, who with his longtime writing partner, Douglas Preston, is responsible for the Special Agent Pendergast and Gideon Crew novels, has had quite a bit of success with his solo efforts, and this one should also do well. Its characters are well drawn (Logan is a dogged investigator, and Stone is appropriately, um, enigmatic), and the mystery is nicely handled, keeping readers guessing as to whether something supernatural is going on here.

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