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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Check out our new paperbacks!

Without her husband's knowledge, Christine, whose memory is damaged by a long-ago accident, is treated by a neurologist who helps her to remember her former self through journal entries until inconsistencies begin to emerge, raising disturbing questions.

book jacket

When his gift of magical hearing opens two doors to the past, Bonaventure Arrow, a mute boy, must find the key to a web of secrets that both hold his family together and threaten to tear them apart to release them all from a painful legacy.

Heir to an ornamental fan that brings bad luck and death to its owners, Drusilla Delaney travels with the wealthy Framblings to France and India to break the deadly curse.

Hired by stubborn businesswoman Michelle to manage a neglected bookshop, Anna works to escape her demanding stepkids and hyper Dalmatian and transforms the shop, her customers and her employer through her love of classics, which impart wisdom when trouble arrives. 

Check out these new paperbacks, too:

Three Sisters, by Susan Mallery    
15 Seconds, by Andrew Gross
The Sins of the Father: A Medieval Mystery, by C.B. Hanley
The Duke Diaries, by Sophia Nash
The Geek Girl and the Scandalous Earl

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