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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Two more DVDs out today...

  Death and the Civil War (Documentary)- From acclaimed filmmaker Ric Burns, "Death and the Civil War" explores an essential but largely overlooked aspect of the most pivotal event in American history. With the coming of the Civil War, and the staggering casualties it ushered in, death entered the experience of the American people as it never had before - permanently altering the character of the republic, and the psyche of the American people. Based on Drew Gilpin Faust's groundbreaking book, "This Republic of Suffering," the film tracks the increasingly lethal arc of the war down through the struggle, in the war's aftermath, to cope with an American landscape littered with the bodies of hundreds of thousands of soldiers.

 Leslie Sanson Belly Blasting Walk - Want a slim, trim tummy? This is the way to get it!  Your mid-section is the core of your body and when it's out of shape it can affect your back, posture, comfort and confidence. So Leslie created this Belly Blasting Walk with everything you need to whittle your waistline, flatten your belly and strengthen your whole core.  The program starts with a ''2 FAST Mile'' cardio walk that's infused with special belly flattening moves like core rotations, standing curls and more. Next you'll move to the floor for a series of exercises that are rated among the best to engage the full core including the abs, waist, back and even the glutes. Choosing the right exercises here allows you to do less...and get MORE results!  This program gives you the total package:  Calorie burning cardio in the 2 fast miles to reduce extra weight around the middle. PLUS...Targeted sculpting in the floor session to take your shape and muscle tone to a whole new level -- flat, lean, healthy and strong!

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