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Monday, May 12, 2014

Booklists Top 10 Mystery Audiobooks!

Top 10 Crime Fiction Audiobooks: 2014.

 BrillianceBrilliance. By Marcus Sakey. Read by Luke Daniels. 2013. 13hr. Brilliance, CD, $49.97 (9781480504370).
Alternating jaggedly accelerated readings of action sequences with pensive tones for the emotionally laden scenes, Daniels keeps up the intensity in this dystopian tale of complex minds and characters.

Cover of Snow. By Jenny Milchman. Read by Cassandra Campbell. 2013. 12.5hr. Books on Tape, CD, $45 (9780385366229).
When Jenny wakes to find her husband has committed suicide, she becomes obsessed with understanding why. Campbell’s steady, sensitive narration reflects both the wife’s grief and her growing resolve.

The Edge of Normal. By Carla Norton. Read by Christina Delaine. 2013. 11.5hr. Macmillan, CD, $39.99 (9781427233035).
Delaine’s mesmerizing narration sets the tone for this harrowing, suspenseful tale of a young woman who escaped captivity. When she agrees to mentor a recently freed victim, she suddenly finds herself back in danger.

How the Light Gets In. By Louise Penny. Read by Ralph Cosham. 2013. 15hr. Macmillan, CD, $39.99 (9781427233011).
Cosham’s masterful narration places listeners with Gamache as he investigates two murders while dodging threats from his nemesis, the head of Sûreté, in this emotionally packed series entry.

 InfernoInferno. By Dan Brown. Read by Paul Michael. 2013. 17hr. Books on Tape, CD, $50 (9780804128780).
Robert Langdon, expert in all things Dante, is on the run through Florence trying to halt the spread of a deadly virus. Michael deftly portrays the affable scholar as well as the multitude of villains in pursuit.

Midnight at Marble Arch. By Anne Perry. Read by Davina Porter. 2013. 12.5hr. Recorded Books, CD, $123.75 (9781470348311).
Porter distinguishes all the subtleties of the English class system in her impeccable reading of this Victorian tale, as Charlotte and Thomas Pitt investigate two sexual assaults.

Night Film. By Marisha Pessl. Read by Jake Weber. 2013. 23hr. Books on Tape, CD, $50 (9780307932679).
In this eerie story of a disgraced reporter investigating the death of a filmmaker’s daughter, Weber’s spot-on narration meshes perfectly with the haunting text, giving listeners a gripping tale for a dark, rainy evening.

The Secret Keeper. By Kate Morton. Read by Caroline Lee. 2012. 20hr. Brilliance/Bolinda, CD, $89.95 (9781743196168).
Murder, conspiracies, and switched identities pervade this complex plot that spans 1941 war-torn London to the present. Lee juggles accents and viewpoints among four distinct characters, each spinning a portion of the tale.

 Seven for a SecretSeven for a Secret. By Lyndsay Faye. Read by Steven Boyer. 2013. 14hr. Dreamscape, CD, $59.99 (9781624067075).
Boyer showcases varied accents and pacing to portray the diverse characters that fill this atmospheric historical mystery of a young detective searching for missing children in 1846 New York.

White Fire. By Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. Read by Rene Auberjonois. 2013. 13hr. Hachette, CD, $40 (9781619694620).
Auberjonois expertly conveys intricate plot twists and shifting viewpoints in this tale of an aspiring criminologist who discovers that nineteenth-century miners, believed attacked by a rogue bear, were actually murdered.

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