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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Summer Reading: Chills & Thrills

Here's the newest installment of hot titles 
to read this summer!  

This week we feature my favorite genre: 
Thrillers & Horrors!

Hold on to your hat folks, these 10 are REALLY good!  
The perfect chill on a warm summer day...
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The Bird Box,  by Josh Malerman -  In a world where no one can go outside for fear of something terrifying that when seen drives people to deadly violence, single mother Malorie and her two children must attempt a terrifying twenty-mile trip downriver while blindfolded. (Trust me: READ IT.)

The Book of You,  by Claire Kendal - A mesmerizing tale of psychological suspense about a woman who must fight to escape an expert manipulator determined to possess her, Claire Kendal’s debut novel is a sophisticated and disturbing portrait of compulsion, control, and terror.

Don't Try to Find Me,  by Holly Brown -  
When their daughter Marley goes missing, Rachel and Paul, getting no help from the police, turn to Facebook and Twitter, but when Rachel blows a television interview and shocking secrets come to light, the blogosphere is convinced she is a suspect in Marley's disappearance.

Elizabeth is Missing,  by Emma Healey When Maud, an aging grandmother who is slowly losing her memory, is convinced that her best friend Elizabeth is missing and in terrible danger, she becomes obsessed with saving her beloved friend despite the fact that no one—not even her daughter, the police and Elizabeth's son— believe her.

The Farm,  by Tom Rob Smith -   After learning his mother was committed to a mental hospital, Daniel receives a call from her, claiming that his lying father is part of a crime conspiracy.

The Fever,  by Megan Abbott -  A small town comes unraveled after a young teen has a frightening, unexplained seizure in her high school class and rumors of a hazardous illness quickly move through the school and the community, spreading hysteria and destroying friendships and families.

The Good Girl,  by Mary Kubica -  The daughter of a prominent Chicago judge and his socialite wife, inner-city art teacher Mia Dennett is taken hostage by her one-night stand, Colin Thatcher, who, instead of delivering her to his employers, hides her in a secluded cabin in rural Minnesota to keep her safe from harm.

Mr. Mercedes,  by Stephen King - Months after a crazed hit-and-run driver kills several attendees at a Midwestern job fair, a depressed retired cop and two unlikely allies join forces to find and stop the killer, who has sent a letter threatening another attack.

Summer House With Swimming Pool,  by Herman Koch - Dutch novelist Koch tells a sinister tale through the eyes of a questionable narrator.  It's a slow burn, but Koch's deft and nuanced exploration of gender, guilt, and vengeance make his second novel to be translated into English an absorbing read.

The Three,  by Sarah Lotz - When the three child survivors of unrelated plane crashes on different continents begin to exhibit increasingly disturbing behavior, a religious cult leader claims that they are harbingers of the apocalypse.

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