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Thursday, August 14, 2014

DVDs out August 19th! Click the title to place your reserve!

"The Amazing Spider-Man 2" - as if Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) didn't have enough personal problems there is a mystery company called Oscorp sending a succession of super villains after him - also starring Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx and Paul Giamatti (Emmy nominee for "Downton Abbey")

 "Fading Gigolo" - his name is Floravante (John Turturro) and the reason for his decline might be his manager Murray (Woody Allen) - also starring Sharon Stone, Liev Schreiber and Sofia Vergara (TV's "Modern Family) (Note: For the first time in decades Woody Allen is appearing in a movie he is NOT directing!)

"Only Lovers Left Alive" - Adam and Eve have reunited  romantically only to be interrupted by Eve's wild sister Ava - by the way: they are all vampires! - stars Tilda Swinton ("Grand Budapest Hotel"), Tom Hiddleston ("Thor: The Dark World") and Mia Wasikowska ("Stoker")

 "Sabotage" - there is no opportunity to celebrate after John Wharton's elite DEA task force successfully raids a drug cartel safe house: the team is being knocked off one by one! - stars Arnold Schwarznegger. Sam Worthington ("Wrath of the Titans") and Terrence Howard ("Lee Daniels' The Butler")

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