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Friday, September 5, 2014

RIP Joan Rivers...

It was said hours after the announcement of her passing in New York City September 4 at age 81 by patrons of the Merrick Library. 

It was echoed by those mourning on various primetime and late night TV shows that same Thursday
All of them agreed that Joan Rivers always seemed to be around in one way or another. Here are some facts about the comedienne you may or may not know:

The former Joan Sandra Molinsky's education included Barnard College where she graduated in 1954 with a degree in social anthropology. One of her professors was the renowned Margaret Mead. Joan once commented she would have become an anthropologist too "if I could bring my hairdresser and makeup man with me."

Joan's early efforts to be established in standup comedy coincided with writing humor as well. Along with appearing on "The Ed Sullivan Show" Joan also created lines for the Italian puppet mouse Topo Gigio. She considered for a time partnership with a young Dick Cavett in sketches inspired by the team of Mike Nichols and Elaine May.

Two of Joan Rivers' writing projects in the Seventies helped launch major careers. The 1973 TV dark comedy "The Girl Most Likely To" was the first starring role for actress Stockard Channing, who has gone on to nonstop work in movies, theatre and television."Rabbit Test," a 1978 theatrical film penned by Rivers, featured the first lead role for Billy Crystal here playing the world's only pregnant man.

Also in the 1970s Joan provided off-screen narration for the popular animated feature "The Adventures of Letterman" on the acclaimed PBS children's series "The Electric Company." Such a role complimented the on-camera talent of the program's early seasons which included Rita Moreno, Morgan Freeman and Dr. Bill Cosby.

Merrick Library has the following written works by Joan Rivers:

Bouncing Back: I've Survived Everything - And I Mean Everything - And You Can Too!
Diary of A Mad Diva (recent New York Times best seller)
From Mother To Daughter: Thoughts And Advice On Life, Love And Marriage
I Hate Everyone - Starting with Me
Men Are Stupid, And They Like Big Boobs: A Woman's Guide To Beauty Through Plastic Surgery
Murder At The Academy Awards: A Red Carpet Murder Mystery

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