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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Let's talk about Fredrik Backman because many readers are!

What's all the fuss?
Back in July of 2014, I read a laugh out loud funny book,              "A Man Called Ove", by Fredrick Backman and made it an instant Staff Pick.  I told anyone who would listen to just read it already. 
I try not to be bossy, but in this case I felt it necessary.   
Now, to be fair, what makes us laugh is different for everybody. 
So I introduced Ove to few people, including my slightly curmudgeonly father and I heard 5 out of 5 positive reviews. 

Flash forward to Backman's sophomore effort, 
"My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry", 
which was sweet and humorous and heartbreaking.
I recommend this one since our Ove copies are always circulating. 

Which brings us to Backman's third and newest, "Britt-Marie Was Here". 
This one is a combo of laugh out-louds, sweetness, heartbreak and did I say, sweet?

 It's nice to introduce a new author who is now "one of the regulars" on our shelves. 
Backman brings solid writing to each story and 
should definitely be added to your TBR pile.


Now, if you've read all these, what's a good set of titles that are similar?
Try these:


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