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Monday, October 24, 2016

DVDs available Tuesday, October 25th. 2016

A Better Place - A shy and underdeveloped young man with uncanny powers learns how to cope with life in a small corrupt town. Directed by Dennis Ho. Starring: Stephen Todt, Perry Thomas, Mary Ann Raemisch.

Lights Out (DVD)
Lights Out - When her little brother, Martin, experiences the same events that once tested her sanity, Rebecca works to unlock the truth behind the terror, which brings her face to face with an entity that has an attachment to their mother, Sophie. Directed by David F. Sandberg. Starring:  Teresa Palmer, Gabriel Bateman, Maria Bello.
Skiptrace [DVD + Digital]

Skiptrace - A detective from Hong Kong teams up with an American gambler to battle against a notorious Chinese criminal. Directed by Renny Harlin. Starring: Jackie Chan, Johnny Knoxville, Bingbing Fan.

WarcraftWarcraft - As an Orc horde invades the planet Azeroth using a magic portal, a few human heroes and dissenting Orcs must attempt to stop the true evil behind this war. Directed by Duncan Jones. Starring:  Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Ben Foster. 
The Night Of: DVD + Digital HD

The Night Of  - After a night of partying with a female stranger, a man wakes up to find her stabbed to death and is charged with her murder. Created by  Richard Price & Steven Zaillian. Starring:  Riz Ahmed, Bill Camp, Peyman Moaadi, John Turturro, Jeannine Berlin. From HBO.

The Purge: Election YearAvailable Thursday, October 28th...

The Purge: Election Year - Years after sparing the man who killed his son, former police sergeant Barnes has become head of security for Senator Charlie Roan, a Presidential candidate targeted for death on Purge night due to her vow to eliminate the Purge. Directed by James DeMonaco. Starring: Frank Grillo, Elizabeth Mitchell, Mykelti Williamson. 

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