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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Famous birthdays today...

Well, what an auspicious day to have a birthday! There are quite a few rather important figures who share this date of birth:

Claude Monet
Prince Charles
Barbara Hutton
Curt Shilling
Senator Joseph McCarthy
Veronica Lake
Condoleeza Rice
Robert Fulton

On a literary note: It's the birth date of Sweden's own Astrid Lindgren! Who is that you ask? Why Lindgren is the creator of none other than the incorrigible Pippi Longstocking. A favorite of my sister who also shares in today's birthday festivities!

The Merrick Library Children's Room has these Pippi titles on the shelf:
     - Pippi Longstocking 

- Pippi's Extraordinary Day

and these on DVD:
- Pippi Goes to School
- Pippi and the Balloon 

Come in to renew your acquaintance with the incomparable Pippi!

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