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Saturday, March 19, 2011

New York Times Literary Treat of the Week...

Baer, Robert and Dayna. The Company We Keep: A Husband-and-Wife True-Life Spy Story. Crown.

“Life is infinitely stranger than anything the mind of man could invent.” The Baers would probably agree with that declaration of Arthur Conan Doyle in describing their journey to wedded bliss through the territory of espionage. Robert Baer, whose 2002 memoir See No Evil inspired the movie Syriana (both available at Merrick Library) was a Central Intelligence Agency veteran whose first family disintegrated due to his road work and was doublecrossed in Tajikistan by double agent Aldrich Ames. California-born Dayna was a fact checker of C.I.A. applicants whose promotion to a “deep cover” team led to the breakup of her first marriage. Taking alternate chapters the Baers provide a view of how real-life spying takes its toll that cannot be matched by fiction.

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