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Monday, July 30, 2012

New DVDs

Just Out:

"I Puritani" - Anna Netrebko in her acclaimed performance as Elvira in this Metropolitan Opera production of Vincenzo Bellini's last work backed up with the Met's Orchestra, Chorus and Ballet conducted by Anthony Summers.

"Le Comte Ory" - Gioachino Rossini's comic opera of castle intrigue at the Met with a cast led by Juan Diego Florez and Diana Damrau

Out July 31:

"Damsels in Distress" - who needs more help: Seven Oaks College or the three fashionistas seeking to improve campus life? - directed by Whit Stillman ("Metropolitan") and starring Greta Gerwig, Adam Brody and Aubrey Plaza (TV's "Parks and Recreation")

Summer Reading @ The Merrick Library

This Year's Best Beach Thrillers...

 Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn
Gillian Flynn delivers a fast-paced, devilishly dark, and ingeniously plotted thriller! When a beautiful woman goes missing on her fifth wedding anniversary, her diary reveals hidden turmoil in her marriage and a mysterious illness; while her husband, desperate to clear himself of suspicion, realizes that something more disturbing than murder may have occurred.  You won’t want to miss this one!

Catch Me, Lisa Gardner
In four days, someone is going to kill me . . .
This scare-your-socks-off thriller is a grand slam! Detective D. D. Warren is hard to surprise, but a lone woman outside D.D.'s latest crime scene shocks her with a remarkable proposition: Charlene believes she will be murdered in four days, and she wants Boston's top detective to handle the death investigation. Is Charlie truly in danger, or is she hiding a secret that may turn out to be the biggest threat of all?
Heartbroken, Lisa Unger
A shattering new thriller about three women, strangers, on a heart-wrenching collision course none of them could have seen coming. Heartbroken is a tense, mesmerizing novel about the limits of dysfunctional families, of an island haunted by dark memories and restless ghosts, and of the all-too-real demons we must battle.  Wonderfully suspenseful, exquisitely crafted, and written with raw, emotional power, this is Lisa Unger at her very best.

Gone Missing, Linda Castillo
Investigating the disappearance of an Amish teenager, chief of police Kate Burkholder and state agent John Tomasetti stumble on a dead body at the same time another girl goes missing, and soon discover links to cold cases that may go back years. But will Kate piece together all the parts of this sinister puzzle in time to save the missing teen and the Amish community from a devastating fate? Or will she find herself locked in a fight to the death with a merciless killer?

Friday, July 27, 2012

New Audiobooks!

Fallen Angel, by Daniel Silva

When the body of a woman is found beneath Michelangelo's dome, Gabriel Allon is summoned by Monsignor Luigi Donati to secretly investigate this mysterious death that has been ruled a suicide--a case that brings about an unthinkable act of sabotage that will plunge the world into a conflict of apocalyptic proportions.

Criminal, by Karin Slaughter
A Georgia Bureau of Investigation search into a shocking crime from 1975 poses unprecedented personal and professional challenges for top agent Will Trent, who encounters threats against his life and revelations about his past.

Barack Obama: The Story, by David Maraniss chronicles as never before the forces that shaped the first black president of the United States and explains why he thinks and acts as he does. Much like the author's classic study of Bill Clinton, First in His Class, this promises to become a seminal book that will redefine a president.

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, by Rachel Joyce
Jolted out of emotional numbness by a letter from an old friend who wants to say goodbye before she dies, Harold Fry embarks on a 600-mile hiking journey to his friend's side without supplies, an endeavor that stirs up memories of his unhappy marital and parenting experiences.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Steven R. Covey

Stephen R. Covey, the motivational author and speaker whose 1989 book "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" became a monumental best seller in print and audio formats, died July 16 in Idaho at the age of 79. "Seven Habits" spent five years on the non-fiction book lists of many publications and has been labeled by Forbes magazine among the top ten all-time business management volumes. Covey's call for proactiveness, thinking "win-win," beginning with the end in mind and undergoing frequent self-renewal led Time magazine in 1996 to call the Utah native one of the 25 most influential Americans, an honor echoed by many including former President Bill Clinton and ex-House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

A devout Mormon, Covey's approach grew out of a self-help course taught at Brigham Young University which eventually evolved into a private business. That company eventually merged with another to become Franklin Covey which specializes in time management, training and consulting. Franklin Covey now operates in 50 nations and last year grossed over $160 million in sales.

Stephen Covey is survived by his wife, nine children and fifty grandchildren. Merrick Library has the following books by Mr. Covey in the nonfiction collection:

The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness

Everyday Greatness: Inspiration for a Meaningful Life

Living the 7 Habits: Stories of Courage and Inspiration

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families

The 3rd Alternative: Solving Life's Most Difficult Problems

Friday, July 20, 2012

New DVDs.

Out July 24:

"The Deep Blue Sea" - Rachel Weisz ("The Whistleblower," "The Lovely Bones") in one of her best performances as a judge's wife involved in a turbulent affair with a troubled ex-pilot.

"Footnote" - from Israel - father and son scholars find their relationship further complicated when the former gets a high honor - winner of nine Israeli Film Academy Awards including Best Film.

'Wrath of the Titans" - enter a world of fantasy and mythology in which Perseus braves the chaos of Hades to rescue his father Zeus - stars Sam Worthington and Liam Neeson.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Reading

It's summer! The perfect time to relax and delve into a good book.  Whether you are looking for a fast paced thriller, the latest novel everyone is talking about, or just a book to savor and enjoy, the Merrick Library has what you are looking for.  During this summer season, we will be recommending titles for you to enjoy!

The Great Escape, by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
In this hilariously heartwarming sequel to Call Me Irresistible, Lucy Jorik, the daughter of the former president of the U.S., jilts her soon-to-be husband at the altar and makes a run for it on the back of a stranger's motorcycle, finally embarking on the adventure she has been waiting for. This spicy romance delivers on what Phillips’ fans have come to expect – It is a perfect combination of wit, sexual chemistry, complex characters and a satisfying romance!  

 The Next Best Thing, by Jennifer Weiner
Believing she is realizing her dreams when her sitcom is bought, television writer Ruth Saunders finds her happiness threatened by demanding actors and executives as well as an unrequited crush on her boss and her septuagenarian grandmother's upcoming wedding. This is a must read for anyone who likes smart, funny fiction!

The After Wife, by Gigi Levangie Grazer
Hannah Bernal's husband is dead, she has been fired, she may lose her house, and she may lose her daughter; she goes on a journey of self-discovery to transform her life.  Gigi Levangie Grazer, the New York Times bestselling author of The Starter Wife, returns with a hilarious and spirited tale of love - both lost and found.

The Witness, by Nora Roberts
Having had a traumatic experience 12 years prior, Abigail Lowery lives in a remote area, holed up on a house with high-tech security measures, a fierce guard dog and a cache of weapons, but this only serves to further intrigue the police chief, who aims to protect Abigal from what she fears. With a quirky, unforgettable heroine and a pulse-pounding plotline, Nora Roberts presents a riveting new read that cements her place as today's most reliably entertaining thriller author—and will leave people hungering for more.

New Audiobooks!

I, Michael Bennett by James Patterson
As violence overwhelms the state, Bennett is torn between protecting his hometown and saving New York City. A partner in his investigations, federal prosecutor Tara McLellan, brings him new weapons for the battle-and an attraction that endangers his relationship with Mary Catherine. A no-holds-barred, pedal-to-the-floor, action-packed novel, I, Michael Bennett is James Patterson at his most personal and most thrilling best.

Night Watch, by Linda Fairstein
New York Times bestselling author Linda Fairstein returns with a ripped-from-the-headlines thriller that takes Alexandra Cooper into the dark underside of New York City's most storied restaurants and a murder case spanning continents. While assisting in the case of a high-profile politician who has been arrested for allegedly attacking a maid in his hotel, Alexandra Cooper begins to suspect a connection to a murder case with ties to her boyfriend, restaurateur Luc Rouget.

The Great Escape, by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
In this hilariously heartwarming sequel to Call Me Irresistible, Lucy Jorik, the daughter of the former president of the U.S., jilts her soon-to-be husband at the altar and makes a run for it on the back of a stranger's motorcycle, finally embarking on the adventure she has been waiting for.

 Summerland, by Elin Hilderbrand
Summerland follows the lives of four high school students, their friends and families after a fatal car accident on graduation night on Nantucket has lasting repercussions for everyone involved. As the summer unfolds, startling truths are revealed about the survivors and their parents - secrets kept, promises broken, hearts betrayed. Elin Hilderbrand explores the power of community, family, and honesty, and proves that even from the ashes of sorrow, new love can still take flight.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Author Signing @ Book Revue.

Linda Fairstein

Thursday, July 19th, 2012, 7pm @ Book Revue in Huntington

Best-Selling Author Linda Fairstein will return to speak about and sign her new novel, Night Watch.

New York Times bestselling author Linda Fairstein returns with a ripped-from-the-headlines thriller that takes Alexandra Cooper into the dark underside of New York City’s most storied restaurants and a murder case spanning continents.

In her thirteen bestsellers, Linda Fairstein has taken millions of fans inside sinister worlds that most of us can’t even imagine. Thanks to her extensive experience as a New York City prosecutor, she creates situations that are stunning for both their compulsive readability and their authenticity. Taking Alexandra Cooper into the fascinating world of New York City’s most beloved and storied restaurants, Night Watch continues her tradition of breathtaking suspense storytelling.

Forty-eight hours after Alexandra Cooper arrives in France to visit her boyfriend and famed restaurateur, Luc Rouget, her vacation in paradise is cut short when a young woman from the village is found murdered. The only evidence discovered on the body is one of Luc’s matchboxes promoting his new restaurant in New York. But before the investigation begins, Alex is summoned back to New York to handle a high profile case.

Mohammed Gil-Darsin, the distinguished and wealthy Head of the World Economic Bureau, has been arrested and accused of attacking a maid in his hotel. As the world watches in fascination to see how the scandal will unfold, Alex finds her attention torn between preparing the alleged victim to testify and a murder case with ties too close to home. A second body is found with Luc’s matchbox—this time in Brooklyn—and Alex begins to fear that the two cases may not be as unrelated as she thought, and that uncovering the sordid secrets of the city’s most wealthy and powerful could cost her and her loved ones everything they hold dear.

Monday, July 16, 2012

New Large Print Title!

The Thrid Gate by Lincoln Child

Jeremy Logan, a character who appeared in a minor role in two earlier Child novels, takes center stage here. Logan is a history professor whose speciality is enigmalogy, the study of puzzling, bizarre, or paranormal events—hauntings, the Loch Ness Monster, etc. (the term appears to be a made-up coinage, a spin-off, perhaps, of the real discipline of enigmatology). Here Logan is recruited by famed treasure hunter Porter Stone to investigate some curious events that have occurred following the unearthing of the tomb of an Egyptian pharaoh. Is this an ancient curse or the work of modern-day villains? Child, who with his longtime writing partner, Douglas Preston, is responsible for the Special Agent Pendergast and Gideon Crew novels, has had quite a bit of success with his solo efforts, and this one should also do well. Its characters are well drawn (Logan is a dogged investigator, and Stone is appropriately, um, enigmatic), and the mystery is nicely handled, keeping readers guessing as to whether something supernatural is going on here.

New DVDs!

Out July 17:

"Casa De Mi Padre" - Will Ferrell and the crew that brought you "Anchorman" spoof Spanish telenovelas complete with a ranch in debt and menacing drug lords!

"Friends With Kids" - a comic examination of how the lives of close knit friends change upon having children - top-notch cast including Jon Hamm (TV's "Mad Men"),  Kristen Wigg and Maya Rudolph ("Bridesmaids")

"Lockout" - want to be not called a spy any more? Rescue the President's daughter from a prison in outer space! - stars Guy Pearce ("The King's Speech"), Maggie Grace and Peter Stormare

"Salmon Fishing in the Yemen" - for one modern sheik, anything is possible! - stars Ewan McGregor, Emily Blunt ("The Adjustment Bureau") and Kristin Scott Thomas

"The Three Stooges" - the Farrelly Brothers ("Hall Pass, Fever Pitch") salute the immortal comedy team with this tale of saving their orphanage and becoming reality TV stars - stars Sean Hayes and Will Sasso with guest stars Sofia Vergara (TV's "Modern Family"), Jane Lynch ("Glee") and Larry David ("Curb Your Enthusiasm")

Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Audiobooks!

Gold, by Chris Cleave
What would you sacrifice for the people you love?
Gold is a triumph of superbly paced, heart-in-throat storytelling. With great humanity and glorious prose, Chris Cleave examines the values that lie at the heart of our most intimate relationships, and the choices we make when lives are at stake and everything is on the line.

The Years of Lyndon Johnson, The Passage of Power, by Robert A. Caro
A latest entry in the award-winning series that includes The Path to Power profiles the 36th President's volatile relationships with John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy, describes JFK's assassination from Johnson's viewpoint and recounts his accomplishments as president before the Vietnam War.

The Next Best Thing, by Jennifer Weiner
Believing she is realizing her dreams when her sitcom is bought, television writer Ruth Saunders finds her happiness threatened by demanding actors and executives as well as an unrequited crush on her boss and her septuagenarian grandmother's upcoming wedding.

True Believers, by Kurt Andersen
Withdrawing herself from consideration for Supreme Court Judgeship, distinguished judge Karen Hollander reflects on the reasons for her decision while remembering her coming of age in 1960s America, during which she experienced a formative event that reverberates in the cultural landscape of her present-day life.

The Red Chamber, by Pauline Chen
In this dazzling debut, Pauline A. Chen draws the reader deep into the secret, exquisite world of the women's quarters of an aristocratic household, where the burnish of wealth and refinement mask a harsher truth: marriageable girls are traded like chattel for the family's advancement, and to choose to love is to risk everything.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Large Print Book

C.J. Box has a new bestseller. "Force of Nature," has arrived in Large Print.

He never wanted to tell Joe Picket about it, but Nate Romanowski always knew trouble would eventually find him. Now, it has arrived, and he may not only have to fight for his life -- but for Joe's too.

In 1995, Nate was in a Special Forces unit abroad, when a colleague committed a terrible act. Now a government big shot, this man is now determined to eliminate anyone who knows what he did. All too familiar with the ways of a mercenary, Nate knows exactly how he'll do it too. In order to draw Nate out, he'll strike at his friends -- which means the entire Pickett family will be in grave danger.

Nate understands the game well, and he knows that there's only one way to fight back -- and that's outside the law. Nate knows he can do it -- but he's not so sure about straight-arrow Joe Pickett.

Booklist's Top Ten Biography Titles!

Top Ten Biographies

1. Barack Obama: The Untold Story, by David Maraniss. Maraniss’ story begins before Obama was born and ends before he enter politics, covering the family histories of the Dunhams of Kansas and the Obamas of Kenya.

2. Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman, by Robert K. Massie. Best-selling master biographer Massie’s gorgeously detailed portrait of Catherine the Great seems destined to attain the classic status of his Nicholas and Alexandra (1967).

3. A Difficult Woman: The Challenging Life and Times of Lillian Hellman, by Alice Kessler-Harris. Renowned historian Kessler-Harris takes a penetrating look at Hellman’s life and impact as a sharp-tongued, quick-witted, and notorious woman playwright who defied convention.

4. George F. Kennan: An American Life, by John Lewis Gaddis. In this definitive portrait, eminent historian Gaddis illuminates the inner life of the enigmatic and sensitive diplomat and historian Kennan as he expertly chronicles his achievements.

5. John Houston: Courage and Art, by Jeffrey Meyers. Veteran biographer Meyers’ multifaceted and avidly informative picture of legendary movie director John Houston reveals how a flawed man produced so many nearly flawless films.

6. Just One Catch: A Biography of Joseph Heller, by Tracy Daugherty. Daugherty is the first to tell in full the life story of the prophetic, contradictory, and audacious Heller as he traces the creation of Heller’s classic satirical war novel, Catch-22, and other works.

7. Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention, by Manning Marable. Electric with recovered facts and jolting revelations, late, esteemed history professor Marable’s biography is the most incisive portrait yet of the complicated, controversial, and enormously influential spiritual and political leader Malcolm X.

8. The Passage of Power: The Years of Lyndon Johnson, by Robert Caro. The riveting fourth volume in Caro’s acclaimed Years of Lyndon Johnson series addresses questions of power during Johnson’s failed presidential campaign of 1960, his three frustrating years as vice president, and his dramatic assumption of the presidency.

9. Steve Jobs, by Walter Isaacson. Isaacson’s robust biography tracks Job’s life, serves as a history of digital technology, and turns the story of a man who believed that reality is malleable into an archetypal tale of a flawed hero, noble quest, holy grail, and death of a king.

10. Tolstoy: A Russian Life, by Rosamund Battlett. Battlett eschews critique to focus on Tolstoy’s actions, rationales, and the reactions he elicited in admirably direct prose in a biography that should be the first resort for everyone drawn to its titanic subject.

What Makes A Classic?

A reader recently wrote me to lightly criticize the fact that I called George Orwell's Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four "cult-classics," suggesting that they instead merit the inferior term "required reading." So what, exactly, is a classic, and why should we care? Richard J. Smith, in discussing the iconic ancient Chinese Book of Changes, offered a four-point checklist definition and Simon Crtichley showed us how to read them. But perhaps the most essential question is why the classics should be read. Click on the Link for the full Article.

Monday, July 9, 2012

New DVDs!!

Just Out:

"The Hunter" - tracking down a tiger long thought to be extinct is never easy even for a mercenary in disguise - stars Willem Dafoe, Frances O'Connor and Sam Neill

Out July 10:

"American Reunion" - East Great Falls might never be the same as the "American Pie" gang descends on it for a high school bash - stars Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan (TV's "How I Met Your Mother") and Eugene Levy

"Being Flynn" - a budding writer has a life epiphany when reunited with his father after 18 years - stars Robert DeNiro, Paul Dano and Julianne Moore

"The Flowers of War" - the most unlikely of allies must protect a group of shell-shocked children from armed conflict - stars Christian Bale and Ni Ni

"Margaret" - whether or not a traffic fatality was a deliberate act tears a teenage student's life apart - stars Anna Paquin, Mark Ruffalo, Allison Janney and Jean Reno

"Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows" - into the Great Detective's world strides Moriarty, an enemy worthy of his steel! - stars Robert Downey Jr, Jude Law and Rachel McAdams


Simply tell them what titles or genres you’ve enjoyed in the past, and they will give you surprisingly insightful recommendations.

Books on The Big Screen!

The Dark Knight Rises (2012) 20 July 2012 (USA) Based on the DC Comics character Batman

Eight years after Batman took the fall for Two Face's crimes, a new terrorist leader, Bane, overwhelms Gotham's finest, and the Dark Knight resurfaces to protect a city that has branded him an enemy.

Director: Christopher Nolan
Writers: Jonathan Nolan (screenplay), Christopher Nolan (screenplay)
Stars:Christian Bale, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Gary Oldman

Thursday, July 5, 2012

NEW Large Type Books

The Fifty Shades Trilogy has arrived in Large Print!

New DVDs

Out July 3:

"God Bless America" - dark comedy about one man's reaction to reality TV and questionable celebrities - stays Joel Murray ("The Artist") and Tara Lynne Barr

"Journey 2: The Mysterious Island" - it has mountains made of gold and plenty of secrets! - stars Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Vanessa Hudgens and Michael Caine

New Audiobooks

Bring up the Bodies, by Hilary Mantel
The sequel to Hilary Mantel's 2009 Man Booker Prize winner and New York Times bestseller, Wolf Hall delves into the heart of Tudor history with the downfall of Anne Boleyn.

The Wind Through the Keyhole, by Stephen King
In The Wind Through the Keyhole, Stephen King returns to the rich landscape of Mid-World, the spectacular territory of the Dark Tower fantasy saga that stands as his most beguiling achievement.

Tuesday's Child, by Fern Michaels
When nurse Sophie Lee, who has spent 10 years in prison for a crime she did not commit, is exonerated and released, she retreats to her attorney's home to avoid the media frenzy that surrounds her and must learn how to make her way back into the world and adjust to her freedom.