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Thursday, February 14, 2013

New Audiobooks!

Touch and Go, by Lisa Gardner
When Justin and Libby Denbe, along with their fifteen-year-old daughter, disappear, investigator Tessa Leone must race against time to expose the Denbes' darkest secrets to discover who would want to kidnap such a perfect little family and just how far they are willing to go.

Power Trip, by Jackie Collins
On a state of the art luxury yacht off the coast of Cabo San Lucas, Aleksandr Kasianenko, a billionaire Russian oligarch, his sexy supermodel girlfriend and their guests—five powerful and famous couples—are all held hostage by a master pirate who is working for a Russian mobster with a grudge.
Middlesteins, by Jami Attenberg
An unforgettable novel about the obsessions, loves, and foibles of a Midwestern family on the brink of tremendous change. Two siblings with very different personalities attempt to take control of their mother's food obsession and massive weight gain to save her life after their father walks out and leaves her reeling in the Chicago suburbs.

In the Shadow of the Banyan, by Vaddey Ratner
Her life of privilege in Cambodia shattered by the outbreak of civil war on the streets of Phnom Penh, young Raami endures four years of loss, starvation, and brutal forced labor while clinging to memories of the legends and poems told to her by her father.

Until the End of Time, by Danielle Steel
A couple destined to be together forever meet an untimely demise and wind up reincarnated as a hardened New York City publisher and a shy Amish woman writer, both of whom feel an uncanny attraction to each other.

A Week In Winter, by Maeve Binchy
A final novel by the late best-selling author of Tara Road follows the efforts of a woman who against the opinions of local detractors turns a coastal Ireland mansion into a holiday resort and receives an assortment of first guests who throughout the course of a week share laughter and the heartache of respective challenges.

Deadly Stakes, by J. A. Jance
Contacted to investigate the gruesome murder of a gold-digging divorcee on behalf of the woman accused of the crime, police academy-trained former reporter Ali Reynolds is simultaneously drawn into another case that could be related to hers and must stop a dangerous killer from striking again.
Guilt, by Jonathan Kellerman
When he is consulted on a cold case involving the discovery of infant remains in a neglected fixer-upper Tudor mansion, psychologist-investigator Alex Delaware, tracing the long history of past residents, is led down a bloody path littered with unprecedented narcissism and unspeakable cruelty.

 Slim For Life, by Jillian Michaels
The leading wellness expert and author of Master Your Metabolism outlines a no-nonsense insider's plan for rapid and permanent weight loss, drawing on her extensive background to identify gimmick-free best practices for enabling specific positive health transformations.
  Alex Cross, Run, by James Patterson  - Out February 18th
In the aftermath of a disgraced plastic surgeon's release from prison, Detective Alex Cross investigates the murder of a young mother whose newborn has disappeared, a case that is further complicated by two additional killings.

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