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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Mo Hayder...

Looking for some terrific thrillers? 
Something to keep you up at night?
I'm late to the party but have recently discovered 
the fabulous Mo Hayder. 
Hayder is a crime and thriller writer 
based in the UK.  
If you really want something that you haven't read before, 
something new and compelling, 
start with Birdman which introduces DI Jack Caffrey.  

The writing is wonderful 
and each thriller is riveting.
The fast pace makes for a quick juicy read. 
I have to slow myself down, these books are like a bag of Oreos... before you know it, you've finished!

Read them in this order: 

Birdman (2000),
The Treatment (2001), 
Ritual (2008), 
Skin (2009), 
Gone (2010), 
Poppet (2013) 
Wolf (2014). 

Stand alone titles are: 
Pig Island (2006), 
The Devil of Nanking (2010 ), 
Hanging Hill (2011).

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