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Friday, May 20, 2016

DVDs out right now, part 2..

The Choice - Travis and Gabby first meet as neighbors in a small coastal town and wind up in a relationship that is tested by life's most defining events. Starring: Benjamin Walker (currently the lead in American Psycho on Broadway), Teresa Palmer, Alexandria Daddario.  Directed by Ross Katz.

East Side Sushi - Single mom Juana can slice and dice anything with great speed and precision. After working at a fruit-vending cart for years, she decides to take a job at a local Japanese restaurant. Starring:  Diana Elizabeth Torres, Yutaka Takeuchi, Rodrigo Duarte Clark. Directed by: Anthony Lucero

Hyena Road - Three different men, three different worlds, three different wars - all stand at the intersection of modern warfare - a murky world of fluid morality where all is not as it seems. Starring:  Allan Hawco, Paul Gross, Rossif Sutherland. Directed by: Paul Gross

I Smile Back - Laney Brooks does bad things. Married with kids, she takes the drugs she wants, sleeps with the men she wants, disappears when she wants. Now, with the destruction of her family looming, and temptation everywhere, Laney makes one last desperate attempt at redemption. Starring:  Sarah Silverman, Josh Charles, Skylar Gaertner. Directed by: Adam Salky

Miss You Already - The friendship between two life-long girlfriends is put to the test when one starts a family and the other falls ill. Starring:  Drew BarrymoreToni ColletteDominic Cooper. Directed by:  Catherine Hardwicke. 

Regression - A detective and a psychoanalyst uncover evidence of a satanic cult while investigating the rape of a young woman.  Starring: Ethan HawkeDavid ThewlisEmma Watson. Directed by  Alejandro Amenábar

Where to Invade Next [Documentary] - To learn what the USA can learn from other nations, Michael Moore playfully "invades" them to see what they have to offer.  Michael Moore, Krista Kiuru, Tim Walker. Directed by: Michael Moore

War & Peace [Television Series] - As the Russian conflict with Napoleon reaches its peak, five aristocratic families face the possibility of their lives being changed forever. Starring:  Paul Dano, James Norton, Lily James.

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