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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New York Times Literary Treat of the Week....

Perry, Anne. Treason at Lisson Grove. Ballantine Books.

American Sherlock Holmes scholar Vincent Starrett in his now classic poem “221B” placed the year 1895 in “that age before the world went all awry.” For husband and wife sleuths Thomas and Charlotte Pitt that age has already past. When an informant with details about a plot against the British government dies before Pitt can debrief him, the now intelligence officer tracks the anarchist killer to France. Meanwhile, Pitt’s superior Victor Narraway has been framed for embezzling government funds and enlists the high-born Charlotte to help clear his name. Perry weaves in nicely the looming fact that Narrraway has an unspoken love for Mrs. Pitt even as she poses as his sister in 1895 Ireland.

Merrick Library also has the following Anne Perry novels featuring Thomas and Charlotte Pitt:

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Long Spoon Lane
Seven Dials
Southampton Road
The Whitechapel Conspiracy
Half Moon Street
Bedford Square
Brunswick Gardens
Ashworth Hall
Traitor's Gate

Reviewed by Librarian, Bob.

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