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Friday, July 29, 2016

Author in the Spotlight: Megan Abbott

I haven't done an author spotlight in a while so I'll get right to it.
Megan Abbott is all over the place!

She has a brand new book out 
and it's just in time for the summer Olympics.

You Will Know Me is the story of a high school girl trying to make the national team, 
but I can say no more.  

Abbott loves her crime stories and 
we're sure happy to read them!
We have ALL three.

Currently, "she’s writing the pilot for a Dare Me series, which is in development at HBO, and The Fever, is in development at TNT." - JG interview featured below.

Read more about this below in her recent interviews:

NYT By the Book Interview

Wall Street Journal Interview

Jessica Goldstein Interview

You will want to know this author!

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