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Saturday, July 23, 2016

DVDs available Tuesday, July 26th...

Criminal [DVD + Digital]

Criminal -    In a last-ditch effort to stop a diabolical plot, a dead CIA operative's memories, secrets, and skills are implanted into a death-row inmate in hopes that he will complete the operative's mission. Directed by Ariel Vromen. Starring: Kevin Costner, Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot.  

Sing Street

Sing Street -  (Foreign) A boy growing up in Dublin during the 1980s escapes his strained family life by starting a band to impress the mysterious girl he likes. Directed by John Carney. Starring:  Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, Aidan Gillen, Maria Doyle Kennedy. 

Midnight Special (DVD)And this just in...

Midnight Special - A father and son go on the run, pursued by the government and a cult drawn to the child's special powers. Directed by Jeff Nichols. Starring: Michael Shannon, Joel Edgerton, Kirsten Dunst

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